What Are The Ways For Homeostasis ?

Following are the ways through which homeostasis occurs

  1. Osmoregulation
  2. Excretion
  3. Thermoregulation


It is a process in which the water potential are regulated in order to keep the fluid and electrolyte balanced with in the organism or cell to its surrounding is known as osmoregulation .

Types Of Osmoregulation :

  1. Osmoconformers
  2. Osmoregulators

Osmoconformers :

The body of osmoconformers matches their osmolarity with their environment , it can be either passive or active . Many of invertebrates are osmoconformers but their ionic concentration may be different from the sea water .

Osmoregulators :

Osmoregulators always regulate tightly their body osmolarity due to which it is always constant and these are commonly found in animal kingdom .
It control salt concentration .

Example of Osmoregulators :

Freshwater fish .

Excretion :

It is an process due to which waste products are carried out or eliminated from an organism because the products are non useful . The excretion occurs through lungs , kidney , skin e.t.c

Excretion occurs in all living life .

Thermoregulation :

It is the ability of a body to keep its body temperature within various boundary , even whenever the temperature is too different .

It is one aspect of heomeostasis . Whenever the body is unable to maintain it temperature and increase temperature from normal so a condition occurs which is known as hyperthermia .

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