Top Secrets For Increasing Alexa Rankings Of Your Blog

Alexa is one best way for finding your blog or website traffic and this is most used by advertisers . There are some bloggers who achieve Good rankings with low traffic and some times it is found that the rankings are not 100 percent authentic . Here are top Secrets for increasing alexa rankings of your blog .

1. Installation Of Alexa Toolbar :

Visit to Alexa website and install Alexa toolbar in a very short time , this is a convenient way for boosting your blog rankings. You must visit to your blog few times via alexa toolbar.

2. Place Alexa Widget On Your Blog :

Placing Alexa widget on your blog can also help in increasing your blog alexa rankings. For alexa widget visit to their website , sign up for free account and get widget for your website .

3. Try To Bring Traffic From Facebook :

Always try to bring traffic from Facebook to your blog because its true when you get traffic through Facebook to your blog your alexa rankings increase . I have observed that when my blog get traffic via Facebook my ranking at alexa increases.

4. Post Daily At Midnight :

When you post daily at midnight at 11 : 30 pm so this also to achieve good rankings , believe me if you haven’t tried it yet than try for yourself and see the result.

5. Submit Post to Social Media Websites :

Many bloggers are very lazy in submitting post to social media websites , always submit your site to many social media websites as possible.

6. Leave Comments On Highly Ranked Blogs :

Search for highly ranked blogs which are related to your blog niche , daily visit those highly ranked blogs and leave a comments on that blogs , it will also help you to gain good result .

7. Always Attract Bloggers And Webmasters :

Try to attract bloggers and webmasters to your blog because they have installed Alexa toolbar to their system and when they visit to your blog it can also improve your rankings .

8. Tell Visitors TO Install Alexa Toolbar :

Its too difficult to tell your visitor to install Alexa toolbar , but if they install Alexa toolbar and visit your site through toolbar then its too beneficial and can improve your ranking lot .

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