Do Free International Calls On Skype For A Month

Now you can talk to your far relatives and friends for free without worrying about your phone bill. Skype had given an opportunity about International calls which will be totally free for one month.

call free at skpye


Call From Skype to Skype was always free, but now you can use Skype to do unlimited calls to landlines and phones for 30 days. You can also do video calls at a same time with 3-10 friends.

How To Get Started :

To get started use this link to sign in to your Skype account, when are sign in enter your PayPal or credit card information to complete your sign up process. Once your account is activated, cancel your subscription quickly otherwise the premium service will be started after 30 days.

Countries Where You Can Call To Landlines And Phones :

You can do free calls to landlines and Phones.

Hong Kong



Puerto Rico



United States

Countries Where You Can Only Call To Landlines :

Countries where you can only call to landlines are Australia, France, Finland, Estonia, Denmark, Croatia, Chile, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Ireland, South Korea, Japan, Italy, Palestine, Netherlands, Malaysia, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Venezuela, Hungary and Norway.

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