Change Your Facebook Page URL Now – If You Have Done Any Mistake Before

When you create any page on Facebook , the Facebook system assigned a URL to your page which looks like this.

But when your page liker reaches to 25 or more users like your Facebook page. So then you can change your Page URL which suits to your page like this.

Before when you apply for new URL of your Facebook page, there was no chance to change the URL. Only one option was there to delete the old Page and create a new page with desirable URL which is available. Now you must be happy because Facebook have changed there policy. Now any Facebook page owner can change there page username once if they have done any mistake before. So for changing go to edit page > click on update info > Click on username which will found below your link and change your username.

Things To Be Kept In Mind – While Changing Username:

Before changing your username you must kept few things in your mind.

  • When you apply for new URL of your page , the old one will not work again.
  • You must be sensitive while changing your page URL , because you will be allowed to changed your username once.


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